No matter what product you sell, the importance of having a professional-looking label cannot be overstated. 

Not only does a label differentiate your brand from your competitors, it’s essential for communicating the benefits and ingredients your customers want to see. From barcodes to safety information for legal compliance, your label is integral to the success of your brand. 

Are you at the point where manually applying labels to your packaging wastes too much time? If so, there’s never a better time than the present to explore the benefits label automation provides.  

Implementation of Automation for Different Businesses 

Primary labeling involves applying pre-printed labels directly to materials such as corrugated cardboard boxes, jars, bottles, clamshell containers, and more. 

Your company’s reputation depends on making an excellent first impression. Misaligned labels are enough to steer customers toward a competitor’s product on the same shelf. 

If you’re currently applying labels by hand, you’re missing out on all the benefits the right labeling equipment system can deliver. 

Increased Accuracy

As a manufacturer or an entrepreneur, consistency is king. Whether you’re involved in pharmaceuticals, craft beer, or other consumables, you can’t afford any errors in your labeling. 

Labeling guidelines continue to get stricter year after year, and a single product recall can be a major setback for any size of business.  

High-quality automated labeling equipment is flexible and capable of negating all types of errors. 

When you employ machines capable of storing your various product profiles across different label sizes and equipment with built-in counters and missing label detection, you have added defence against the simplest (yet costliest) mistakes. 

Savings on Labour Costs

A label applicator is a wise investment for any business that thrives on efficiency. It’s a way to reduce the staffing needed for such repetitive and laborious (yet crucially important) tasks. 

Not only does quality labeling equipment free up personnel to look after other assignments, but it also significantly reduces the chances of incorrect placement or the application of the wrong label entirely. Quality labeling equipment ultimately delivers better label adhesion and more efficient handling of your goods. 

Relabeling products by hand is a waste of time and energy that will negatively affect your bottom line. 


If you’re in business to stay profitable and explore growth opportunities, packaging automation is the next logical step towards streamlining production. When factoring in the costs of updating to a more appropriate print and apply system, a new labeler isn’t just an investment in efficiency; it’s a commitment to your brand’s reputation in the marketplace. 

It’s a wise expenditure, especially if you’re considering adding more SKUs to your product line. 

Simply put, automated labeling systems enable companies to ship more products in shorter periods of time. 

Curious How One Machine Can Make All the Difference? 

With the evolution of labeling equipment and its impact on businesses, it is essential to choose a reliable solution that is cost-effective and scalable for your brand.

Accent Label Automation offers a unique line of precision labeling equipment and boasts a proven track record of successful implementations across different industries.

If you’re ready to upgrade your labeling capabilities today or in the near future, Accent Label Automation in Langley, B.C., is ready to guide you through the process.