Accent Label Print Application


Print Application

Whether it be variable barcodes, manufacturer or product specifications, to label your products and packaging with complex and ever-changing information you need increasingly intelligent print & apply systems.

The Novexx Solutions thermal transfer printers are real high-performers characterized by top results in terms of printing quality and dispensing speed. An additional advantage of the Novexx Printers is their cost savings features with Ribbon Savings. Ribbon Savings allows the printer to use less ink ribbon which results in reduced downtime and savings on consumables. 
The construction of the printer makes maintenance and handling particularly easy, thus ensuring even greater efficiency.

Thermal Transfer Printing Features

  • Integration into any of our APEL Labelers
  • ALX73x Printer for High Speed Applications or XPA93x for lower volumes. 
  • Near Edge Direct/Thermal Transfer Print Technology
  • Automatic Foil Save
  • 300 dpi Print Quality
  • Up to 6″ Label Width
  • Easy replaceable change-parts
  • Installation Capability for Various Applicators such as Tamp-On or Blow-On
  • Integration Capability with Print Softwares
  • +/- 0.5mm Accuracy at Dispense Edge

Beneficial Applications

  • Cannabis Industry and Food Industry for Lot #, Exp Date, Packed on date
  • Companies with a large amount of skus. 
  • Custom orders
  • Pharmaceutical Applications

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