The holiday season brings warmth, love, and good cheer for most people. It’s a busy time for the rest. It’s not only the elves in the North Pole that are hard at work. Business owners and product manufacturers know they have the opportunity to ramp up sales as customers plan on increasing their holiday spending by a healthy 7 percent this year, reports PwC. An effective way to make sure your product stands out among all the twinkly lights is by using seasonal labelling. Read on to learn how seasonal labelling can help your brand grow.

Great Reasons to Switch Your Labelling Over the Holidays

The holiday season is time of giving and receiving – which means a lot of shopping. Showcasing your brand’s festive spirit through holiday labels can help your brand in a myriad of ways.

  • Promotes Impromptu Purchases

More often than not, the act of purchasing a gift comes from an emotional place than a logical one. In fact, Statista reports that 83 percent of consumers purchased gifts for others on impulse and 33 percent even bought themselves gifts on a whim. Attractive labelling that shares the holiday spirit appeals to customers’ emotions, prompting purchases. 

  • Creates a Sense of Exclusivity

Limited editions create hype and demand around a brand. Using your labelling wisely by reflecting the festive season can create a sense of urgency, exclusivity, or scarcity for your products. Customers who are already fans of your brand are sure to want to join in the celebrations with limited edition of their favourite products. 

  • Turns Everyday Items into Gifts

Seasonal labeling isn’t only meant for products traditionally given as gifts. Festive labels can turn everyday items like lip balms and body washes into cute stocking fillers or cookie tins into items people want to gift and keep. 

  • Reach Out to New Customers

Consumers who are used to seeing your regular labels on shelves will love seeing your labels reflect their festive mood and will want in on the fun. Creative seasonal labels can attract new customers too, simply because your labels look festive, inviting them to try your products out. 

  • Increases Revenue

People tend to buy more of everything over the holiday season. Not just because they are in a ‘buying kinda mood’ but because they stock up for family gatherings or host more parties than they normally do. Even non-gifting items with festive labels tend to do better on the shelves as people purchase products that resonate with their emotions. 

  • Creates a Connection with Your Brand

People like to feel a connection with brands they purchase. Your labels tell your brand’s story and can pass on seasonal information or greetings from you to them. That emotional connection customers feel because of a festive message passed on from your brand to them lasts long after the holidays are over. 

How to Make Your Labels More Festive

Festive labeling doesn’t require you to redesign your product. A few simple tweaks can bring on the holiday vibes.

  • Use Festive Colours and Images

You can use colours and images that match the holidays you are celebrating with your labels, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or the New Year. You can also make your labels more unique and diverse by using a different holiday colour and graphic for each of your product lines. For example, pictures of bells or mistletoe bring up Christmas while a pumpkin is perfect for Halloween.

  • Change the Shape of the Label

Creating a custom shape for your label is another way to reflect the holidays. A label shaped like a fir tree or ornaments instantly differentiate your products from your competitors. 

  • Have a Festive Message

A festive greeting on your labels along with your regular product information instantly shows that your brand is in on the festive fun. A witty message will have your customers chuckling and sharing the joke with their friends. Instant publicity!

  • Add Some Glitter

Shiny labels instantly make your product look festive. The shine also works well to draw a potential customer’s eye to your products.

Create Your Holiday Labels with Accent Label Automaton

We understand that your labelling needs change throughout the year. We can help you choose a labeling machine that gives you the flexibility to change your labels as the need arises. Our labelers employ cutting-edge technology to ensure precision and accuracy, so your products look clean and professional no matter how outrageous your design.

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