It’s the holidays, and most of us do our best to be festive in whatever ways we can. We decorate our homes, wear Christmas-themed clothing, cook or bake special foods, and do what it takes to get ourselves – and others – into the holiday spirit.

This frivolity likely extends to our packages, too, but it can be difficult to figure out how to take a rather hum-drum package and spruce it up so that it screams “Merry Christmas”, especially when we’re mailing hundreds of packages at holiday time. As business owners who deal with packaging, we’d like to offer more than the standard brown box during the holiday season, but what’s the best way to do that?

Certainly, one clever and inexpensive way to give your packages some Christmas spirit is to choose themed labels that correspond to your product while also making the packaging look festive. Holiday labels can function simply as a decoration or sticker on an otherwise-boring shipping box or can actually be a place where the name of the company and the recipient is printed.

Whimsical holiday labels

If you are shipping products that are fun and light-hearted, choose labels that reflect that feeling. After all, much of Christmas is all about sharing good times and laughs with friends and family!

Labels that perhaps say the following are a good option:

  • From the North Pole
  • Special Delivery from Santa
  • Do Not Open Until Christmas (or December 25)
  • Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
  • Only Open if you are on Santa’s Nice (or Naughty) List

There are all sorts of possibilities for fun Christmas-related labels and they may or may not have a direct correlation to what’s in the box. You might also choose labels with just a simple image – like Santa, Rudolph, or a snowman – and the words Merry Christmas printed on them They are suitable for just about any item and are a simple way to add a little holiday cheer to any package.

Vintage and Classic Christmas labels

If you’re seeking a more classic look for your Christmas labelling, there are certainly options that forgo the whimsical and, instead, include very lovely holiday images that call to mind an old-fashioned holiday celebration.

These box labels might include just the traditional colours of red and green and may be decorated with gold or silver printing for an upscale look that is ideal for higher-priced items. Many feature a fancy script font or some other sort of printing that’s different from the boxy letters you might find on something more contemporary. Beautiful script says “classy”, and labels with handwriting-style font make packages look very traditional, often even Victorian or Edwardian.

Vintage or classic Christmas labels, like whimsical labels, can function merely as stickers on a shipping box or can be used as the actual mailing label. You won’t find anything kitschy on a vintage label, usually just the words “Merry Christmas”, “Happy New Year”, or something similarly simple.

Contemporary Christmas Labels

Looking for something a bit more bright and bold to accompany your modern tech products or your fashion-forward clothing? Try a label with a contemporary slant; one that speaks of all things bright, shiny, and up-to-date.

Look for images in stand-out neon reds and greens or even other less-traditional holiday colours for your labels. Brightly-wrapped packages, huge Christmas balls or other ornaments, colourful Christmas stockings in a variety of hues…are all perfect for those who seek a more modern look for their holiday labelling needs. Fonts should be bold, block-style, and easy to read and could include a simple Merry Christmas or perhaps a custom message that features a reference to what’s inside.

Many contemporary labels have a fun, hand-drawn look, which can look homey, while others might appear more high-tech. You can chose those that speak to the nature of your products or simply those who like best!

Whichever labels you select, Accent Label can help you choose the right labeler for your holiday package needs, one that’ll not only help you produce the perfect Christmas labels but one that will also assist you in all your labelling needs, regardless of the time of year. 

For more information on our labelling systems, contact the experts at Accent Label for a free, no-obligation consultation.